Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is the Singapore National Dish ( It's mean you can find everywhere in Singapore). In Singapore there are have 2 types of chicken ( roast chicken and steam chicken). Why tell you about chicken rice today because many dentist from Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Paragon Medical come for had lunch in this Chicken Rice shop, a few patients call up ask about treatment and the price for consultation fee , many patient understand to pay for it because there are need to get advice from the dentist but some of the patient specially come from kampong , they are not understand why have to pay for it? I want to tell them that when you want to be a dentist ,not easy, spend times , expenses to study plus experiece for practice. However I have one place to recomend you to go to see the dentist without paying consultation fee.
Yes, it's dental specialist like Endodontics ,Oral surgery ,Orthodontics,Prosthodontics ,Periodontics and GP always go there to have lunch twice a week .

Chicken Rice Shope level 4 @ luckyplaza ,
No need to pay consultation fee when you go to see the dentist.

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