Friday, April 17, 2009

Why pay more ???

Now a days, teenagers are busy with their work and studying, is hard to spend the time to the dental clinic for a check up. Some of them might be expect do one time scaling & air polishing can be whitened their teeth. Hello?! Scaling & polishing is just a way to clean your teeth.
Well, I found out that the marketing are selling those laser teeth whitening package since many years ago.

Many patients keep on calling and asked, does your clinic has Laser Teeth Whitening? My answer is no, but we have Tooth Whitening Kit (DIY Take Home Kit). So, they will ask what is different between Laser Tooth Whitening and DIY Take Home Kit. For me, I always recommended the patient to get a DIY Take Home Kit because it is much cheaper and the result not much different if compare to Laser Tooth Whitening. So why do you want to pay more for it?

D.I.Y Take Home Kit is only costs $400 only (laser whitening cost around $1,200 - $1,500) and most of patient will happy with D.I.Y take home kit. It is an affordable price. D.I.Y Take Home Kit is a very quick way to set up and whiten your teeth. It is also easy and convenience for you to use . It won't have any side effects on your gum after all. We will prepare one set of tray for you to fixing in your teeth, can you just need to put the gel on trays and wear it 2 times a day for hour, and its total 9 times (4 1/2 days). You can keep the tray for next time.

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