Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

If you are looking to do the root canal treatment in Singapore. Yes, you should ask for the cost of the treatment but the cheap root canal might not be the cheapest in the long run. Don't go to a dentist with whom don't have experience or you are not familiar just to get a cheap treatment. The better you should search to be sure first but I didn't saying that the dentist with the cheap fee won't do a good job .

How much does root canal treatment cost ? (in Singapore)

Central incisor, Lateral incisor (front tooth) about $ 350 - $400
Canine $400 - $600
First premolar, Second premolar $600 - $700
First molar , Second molar $700 - $950
(This price for GP )

For Endodontics Specialist about $950 - $2000

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We are a Medisave accredited day surgery centre.

Everybody wants to announce that after going through all that paperwork, briefings, training etc to become a Medisave accredited day surgery centre. Why do we go through all that trouble? Well, being able to draw from the patient’s Medisave to pay for surgical treatment is really cool. The patient is happy to tap into frozen savings, not having to pay cash and day surgery centres offering these services can look forward to better business from patients who may find it difficult to pay hundreds of dollars in cash. It’s a win-win situation.

Sure, the number of surgical cases rose after we became Medisave accredited. But along with those minority of genuine surgical cases, came a majority of irritating enquiries.

“Wa, your clinic accepts Medisave payment ah? Good wor. Ei, I do scaling can use Medisave or not?”

“For surgery only. Here is the list

“Scaling cannot ah? The filling can or not?”

“Please check the list of surgical procedures that are covered.”

“Filling also cannot ah? Then braces leh?”

It happens on the phone, it happens at the reception counter and it happens especially in email enquiries. Certainly, these people must either have seen the We are a Medisave accredited day surgery centre. sign at our clinic or saw our webpage with a list of claimable surgical procedures. So why do they still ask us these questions?

“Crown can or not huh?”

“Root canal can or not huh?”

As we receive more and more of these emails, we become more and more convinced that Singaporeans are becoming functionally illiterate. Is the word “surgery” such a piece of proprietary jargon that laymen can be excused for not knowing what it means? That’s obviously not true. Whenever we mention surgery to someone with an impacted wisdom tooth, he/she runs for the door. So why don’t people understand what surgery means when they see the word Medisave? Does seeing the word Medisave diminish one’s ability to read?

Perhaps it’s a little like the Hokkien pengs of yester-years who didn’t understand any orders in English except “book out”. Or could all these irritating enquiries come from spies acting on behalf of competitors who just want to see us wasting our time explaining to fake patients who pretend not to know? We may never know the source of the problem, but literacy aside, anyone not willing to pay for something not claimable is obviously not a very good patient to begin with.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Extreme Makeover by New Age Cosmetic Dentists's (Singapore)

You don't need to be a dentist to tell that this is a challenging case. We marked her 2 canines for extraction. We'll also need to do some gum surgery on her laterals. Her incisors on the left side will also need to be "moved" to close the gap after the canine has been extracted.

Another look at how difficult this case is. Apart from extractions and gum surgery, we also need to do root canal on the incisors on the left side.

Extraction just done on the right side. There is hardly any gap between the lateral and the first premolar. This will be the easy side.

The other canine has also been extracted. Gum surgery done, exposing more crown height for the lateral incisors and the premolars. The gap on the right side is more significant.

Here's the patient's left side. There is a gap about half a tooth wide. We have already done root canal on the left incisors. We will later cut them off and rebuild with post crowns to close the gap.

4th day after surgery. Check out the healing.

The teeth have been trimmed down and temporary plastic crowns placed.

We will wait 2 months for the gums to stabilise, then we'll place emax crowns over them.

Emax crowns fitted, another ready for have nice smile.