Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rich in Money but Poor in Attitude

She has DBS Platinum card BUT .....

Yesterday morning there were one patient come over to have a cousultation with my dentist, the patient come along with her mother. For her case, she needs to do bonding because her baby tooth just drop and she got to do bonding to cover up on her canine , when the dentist just started to explanined to her. Her mother asks "How much loh ? The dentist replied "I will charge you nomal filling price $80 (usual price $100)"

Her mother "So expensive!, " Dr you give her discount lah" (The sounds like giving an order to the dentist)
The dentist just keep quited but the her daugther said ok "I want to do doctor".

After treatment finished, at the reception she still bargain Can you give discout or not?, very expensive lah???

Oh My...... (I really don't know , there are from with jungle in Singapore boy) But the end she paid us by DBS Plainum Card. One of the patient did treatment with us more than $10k but he never bargain even $1 because he knows that nothing cheap in Orchard area.

Well in these cases, I realiszed that the prices is reasonable and affordable for them but how come they are?????

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