Monday, April 27, 2009

Dentists (story)

Part 1
Patient : Walk to the dental chair.
Dentist : Have a seat please, What can I do for you ?
Patient : You think I come here because miss you lah .
Dentist : I think so.

Part 2
Patient : Dr. my tooth is very pain full, please help.
Dentist : Which tooth is painful ?
Patient : This one (She point is pre molar)
Dentist : (The dentist checking ) Oh, if you want to save the tooth, you would have to do root canal treatment.
Patient : I want to save the tooth. Dr. can you do root canal hole mouth for me because I don't want to have pain again?
Dentist : Go take IBUPROFEN.

Part 3
Patient : Doctor, I am very nervous. You know, this is my first extraction.
Dentist : Don’t worry, it's my first extraction too.

Part 4 on the way.....

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