Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cost of dental crown

E-max Ceramics

Look at the arrow you can see true the crown , so e-max crown can match with your nature toohth .
at the photo below look inside between e-max crown vs porcelain and metal crown, we can compare what is diffirence.
In the early days many of the patients who identified our practice with cosmetic dentistry knew about our Empress crowns. These crowns looked really cool and not only improved social lives, but career opportunities as well. Indeed, our "instant orthodontics" with Empress crowns have helped quite a number of people to look good in time for their job interviews and wedding photos.
However, even though Empress crowns have served us and our patients well, there were two problems. Firstly, Empress looks so natural because it has the translucency of natural teeth. However, if the underlying tooth has been discoloured, the darker shade will show through the material. Secondly, the strength of Empress II is only about 200MPa. In patients who have deep of heavy bites, the material may fracture. Empress bridges are known to survive only in the mouths of gentle users. With these limitations in strength and the lack of ability to mask underlying discolouration, Empress has failed to satisfy the needs of some patients.

The technology has moved on. Since early 2006, we have been using e.max for out crowns and bridges. The manufacturers of e.max are the same folks who brought us Empress. This material is said to look just as good as Empress, but with a strength of 400MPa, it's almost 2 times stronger. Not only that, this system can incorporate an opaque layer capable of masking underlying discolouration. The strongest all-ceramic material available is Procera with a strength of about 460MPa. However, it is much more expensive than Empress. The new e.max crowns cost only slightly more than Empress and are almost as strong as Procera. After numerous successful cases, e.max has been proven not only to function well as short-span bridges, the aesthetics are also as good as Empress.

So far, e.max has turned out to be as good as the manufacturer claims. We now recommend it as the material of choice for all our full ceramic crowns cases. If you have a fractured Empress crown, do consider redoing it in e.max. Each e.max crown costs S$800 .

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