Saturday, May 30, 2009

Need a new dental bridge?

This bridge has failed due to the fracture of the central incisor which was root canal treated but not properly reinforced due to cost factors. The result is a compromised restoration that failed after 2 years. My dentist cememted a post to strengthen the tooth and redid a new PFM bridge with subtle but noticeable improvement in aesthetics.


The root canal treated tooth has fractured off , dislodging the bridge it was supporting. The patient had initially asked of the bridge to be recemented. He was told it would not work and did not listen at first.

But the bridge came off again and again. My dentist insisted that he either did a new bridge or go somewhere else to recement. (Good dentists shouldn't just do what their patients tell them to do).


Some gingivectomy was done on the lateral incisor. The overall shape and contour look better than that of the patient's old bridge.

This is a PFM bridge and we could have done better with the aesthetics, but the patient could not be convinced to take it up like he was convinced to buy a full HD over a HD ready TV.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can I get guarntee?

So what’s new? Kangaroo T shirts have gotten a bunch of outspoken fellows into trouble, stocks are still tumbling, Hong Kong’s financial regulators announced that they would guarantee all deposits for the next two years, using the territory’s foreign reserves as collateral, and our Finance Minister has once again said things that will leave many thinking Singaporeans scratching their heads.

“From the point of view of our system, it (guarantee for bank deposits) is not necessary because there is no lack of confidence in our system.”

Once in a while, I would get patients who want me to guarantee that their crown/bridge/implant will last x number of years. From a professional point of view, it is impossible to guarantee these services because there are so many biological variables involved. One patient may chew harder than another. One patient may brush harder than another. Another patient may love coffee, tea or wine. From an ethical point of view, it’s not honest or realistic for the dentist to guarantee. Some cases will fail and we all know it. But unlike ministers, we can’t declare that there is no lack of confidence in our services, “hence”, we can’t guarantee.

From a business point of view, however, it’s actually not too difficult to give such guarantees. The majority of cases will last x number of years. Even if the dentist has to redo some of those which don’t last x number of years for free, he is unlikely to suffer any losses as long as he has charged enough at the beginning. It sure is no fun having to redo a case that you’ve guaranteed but failed, but if it’s only 1% and if the guarantee boosts confidence and increases the absolute volume of your 99%, why not?

The same goes with well-known brands of electrical equipment. Even though consumers trust their products, brands like HP, Panasonic, Sony all guarantee their products. They are not worried about having to repair or even replace their products for free. Consumers know that the company will be able to afford it if their failure rate is low. With this knowledge comes confidence.

If any brand dares to stand out and say that there is no lack of confidence in their brand so they are not guranteeing it, then any discerning consumer will see the “logic” and quickly lose confidence in that brand. Why don’t you dare to guarantee if you are so sure that your system won’t fail? Nobody is going to cause me any anxiety by sticking his head out to guarantee my bank deposits. On the contrary, it’s reassuring to know that our “budget surplus” and massive “reserves” are not just things to boast about.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tooth whitening kits!

Last few tooth whitening kits going out soon. Come down for impression taking and have your customised tooth whitening kit ready for collection in just 1 hour.

Wear your bleaching trays just 1 hour 2 times daily and get significantly whiter teeth in 4 days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

美女 Beautiful Girl

Upper teeth always overlap the lower

In any beautiful smile, the upper front teeth always dominate.

Never ask for an edge to edge bite when you can have a Class 1 bite.

Always show more teeth on top.

Are your teeth big enough? Very often patients request for teeth that aren't big enough. Here's more proof that you don't look good with tiny teeth.

Location: Taiwan

by New Age Cosmetic Dentists

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dental bridge

There was this 5-star hotel that wa paying a certain pest control company a lot of money for
their services. Too much, according to their new CFO who quickly issued an ultimatum to the pest control company. Lower your charges or we’ll terminate you.

The stubborn CEO of the pest control company refused to budge. Their services were terminated and one fine evening, during a wedding banquet, a rat decided to drop in on the bride’s table. It was a disaster to say the least. The new pest control company the hotel was using could not answer to their emergency c all nor do anything about the situation. The guys at the hotel had no choice but to call the old pest control company whose smartly uniformed technicians marched swiftly into the premises (like waiters presenting the first dish) and hunted out all the furry rodents in the function room. According to the CEO of the pest control company, the guests at the banquet applauded his staff as they exited. The dinner was on the house and nobody sued the hotel as everyone left that hotel that evening highly entertained. Why didn’t anything like that happen at my wedding?

The new CFO at the hotel was naturally embarrassed. He signed a contract with the old pest control company at twice the value of the original quotation. Not everyone is capable of feeling the kind of embarrassment that the CFO of that hotel must have felt. Alamak people for instance.

Way back in Hougang a couple of years ago, I advised this guy to do a bridge. He disappeared, came back with another problem and the bridge that I advised him to do was already done - somewhere else.

Then, a few days back, he called up my clinic at Lucky Plaza and angrily complained to my recep over the phone that the bridge I did for him had fallen off.

Bridge? Wasn’t that the one done somewhere else? I highlighted that fact to him when he turned up with the bridge in his hand. Seeing that his trick had been foiled, he asked me to do something about the failed bridge. Seeing that the stumps were already fractured, I told him that the only way to fix it was to rebuild the stumps and redo the bridge. I gave him a quote and the knee jerk response was “so expensive!”

He requested for a recementation. I warned him that it will not last. He would have to get a new bridge done. He asked for a discount. But why would he deserve a discount for a bridge he didn’t let me do? He declared himself as a loyal patient. How thick can a man’s skin get? And that’s not all.

Sure enough, his recemented bridge came off after a few days. Once again, I urged him to get the new bridge done. He agreed. I recemented his bridge again and took impressions for his new bridge. He then walked off without paying any deposit. I’m quite sure it will fall off again. If it didn’t, there’s no way this loyal patient will come back.

How thick is your skin???

Friday, May 15, 2009

PFM Patient (end)

His crown fitted.
Colour follows his other lateral incisor.
He is quite happy with the new crown.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PFM Patient

This gentleman is an expat exploring Orchard Road when he found our clinic. He presented with receding gums and a post crown that was not in a very good position.We soon discovered that his post crown had no post. So we removed the crown, gave him a post, prepared the margin all the way to the gums. He opted for a PFM .

= Porcelaine + Metal Crown

To be continue soon.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dental crown

Reception : Good morning , Dental clinic. May I help you?

Patient : May I know what's crown?

Reception : A crown is an artificial tooth that is capped over your natural tooth.

Patient : How much would a crown cost?

Reception : We have to type of crown cost $600 and $800 depends on meterial.

Patient : What's diference?

Reception : E-max crown is full ceramic $800 , porcelaine & metal crawn $600 will shown the line after few years.
Patient : It's this price same as market price?
Reception : We are not the cheappest or most expensive but we are privided good quality.

Patient : Can I make appointment on this Friday?

Reception : Sure, What's time do you want to come down?

Patient : At 4.00 p.m.

Reception : Your appointment is on this Friday at 4.00 p.m.

Patient : Yah, correct.

Reception : See you on Friday, Thank you to give us a call have a nice day.

Choosing A Dentist (2)

The dentist’s skill.

This is a lot more difficult to assess. Judging a dentist by his formal training is a bit like walking into a food centre and choosing a stall where the hawker had formal training in cooking char kway teow or beef noodles. One does not need much formal training to be good at implants or dentures. Some Division 2 (non-graduate) dentists (with little formal training) who run their own laboratories can make dentures which are superior to those done by graduate dentists. It does not mean that the more courses a dentist has attended, the better his skills will be.

Sometimes, even formal training does not equip one with the skills needed to deal with clinical situations. Someone who has successfully placed 500 implants in clinical practice is quite undoubtedly more skillful than a new graduate from a 2-year, highly structured and academic formal training course. The latter will have a piece of certification. The former will not.

If I need an extraction, the most reliable place to get information is the neighbourhood coffeeshop. Ask the folks there who is good at extractions. The majority can’t be wrong. If I need dentures, I’d go to a Division 2 clinic with its own inhouse lab. If I want implants, I don’t just go to any oral surgeon but someone who is not always keen on implants.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dental Cost

Scaling & Air Polishing $80
Composite filling $80 and above
Simple Extraction $80 - $100
Complicated Extraction $200 - $350
Crown Lengthening $250
Tooth Whitening Kit $400
Tooth Whitening (Chairside + Kit) $800
Root Canal Treatment $200 - $700
Porcelaine + Metal Crown $600
E-max Crown $800
E-max Veneer $700
Maryland Bridge $800
*Wisdom Tooth Surgery $450 - $850
(Medisave claimable)

*Implant $2500 and above
(Medisave claimable for surgery part)

*Bone Grafting $1500 (Medisave claimable)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Toothbrushes are generally sold according to three leverls of bristly stiffness. " hard medium and soft."

Everyone has own preference but my dentist always recomnend the patient choosing the "soft" toothbrush and replacing it every three month for do the best job. Hard and medium toothbrush can cause damage of healthy and expediting gum. Make sure you brush your teeth correcetly , hold your toothbrush face to your teeth and rotate your wrist extend at a 45 degree angle , must rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

What's dental specialties?

Endodontist is dental specialist that has completed 4 years of dental school and add 2 or more year of specialty treaining to handles difficult or complicated root canal treatment.

Oral surgeon is dental specialist who has completed 4 years of dental school and add at least 4 years of a surgical hospital residency to handles removes impacted teeth and tumors, performs various jaw surgeries, diagnose defects, diseases of the mouth ,neck, wistom teeth, surgically places dental implants and other soft tissues of the head.

Orthodontist is dental specialist who has completed 4 years of dental school and an additional 2 to 3 years residency rpogram advanced education in orthodontics to handles straightens multiple teeth, facial deverlopment with braces, utilizing braces , headgear and other methods.

Periodontist is dental specialist who has completed 4 years of dental school and an additional 3 years of specialty training in diagnosing, treats advanced gum and periodontal disease, gum surgery, and the surgical placement of dental implants.

Prosthodontist is dental specialist who has completed 4 years of dental school and additional 3 years or more to trained to deal with simple restorations of the whole mouth like dentures, fixed bridges, crowns, implants ,veneers ,ect. Provide the restoration, beautificaltion, and /or replacement of teeth.

If you're looking for a specialist , consult GP dentist for a referral.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Denture Repair

When your denture cracked, chipped tooth or breaken out, it's an emergency to looking for fast repair service. We can repair your denture less than an hour (because we won't make you wait for a weeks or a day) cost fee only $60 nett , No GST and done by professional denture repairs.

Cost of tooth extraction

Have quite a number of reasons why have to extraction the tooth but most common reason is tooth decay, infection, gum disease and preparation for orthodontic.

Extraction have two types is Simple extractions ,usually under local anaesthetic require use of instruments forceps to removed the tooth and Surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, in a surgical extraction the doctor may elevate the soft tissues covering the tooth and bone, sometimes the tooth may be split into multiple pieces to facilitate its.

For simple extractions my clinic charge just $80 nett. (No GST)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Choosing A Dentist

There are quite a number of articles out there which teach people how to choose a dentist. Like the numerous self-help books out there that teach people how to get rich, the real help that any reader can get from these articles is usually quite limited. What are some of the things they say you should look out for?

Experience of the dentist.
This can be easy or difficult. The practice could have been around for a ages, but the aging dentist may employ a locum who is as green as bile. An established practice can also be sold to other dentists new to the profession. Skill may come with experience, but skill should not be the only thing you’re after.

A dentist who has just invested heavily in an expensive implant package may find it easier to justify the risks. A dentist who has just bought a 2M property may be very keen on treating you “holistically” by doing a full mouth reconstruction. If I were a patient, I would look for a humble, friendly but not too friendly dentist without too many expensive tastes and financial commitment.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dentists (story 2)

Part 4
Nurse: Would you like an appointment for next week? Patient: No, I'm sick now.

Part 5
"Did you get your money?" ask the wife of the dentist who had just return from the delinquent patient's home. "Not a cent," growled the dentist, "and worse than that, he insulted me, and gnashed my teeth at me!"

Part 6
Patient to Dentist: "How much to get my teeth straightened?" "Twenty thousand bucks" Patient heads for the door. Dentist to patient: "Where are you going?" "To a plastic surgeon to get my mouth bent."

Part 7
Patient: Doc, what should I do with all the gold and silver in my mouth? Dentist: Don't smile in a bad neighborhood.

Part 8
Why are false teeth like stars? Because they come out at night.

To be continue next.....