Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dental Sales Representative

This dental sales representative from MCJs (M = my, C = company, J = jieng , S = soon)

So What's meaning of MCJs = My company going to (jieng) soon.

Sales Rep : Walk in to dental Clinic (looking around at the clinic)

Dental Assistant : Hi , may I help you?

Sales Rep : Is Dr. around?

Dental Assistant : No, he is not in.

Sales Rep : Where is he going haa.? ( The voice lounder)

Dental Assistant : He went to oversea.

Sales Rep : When he will be coming back ?

Dental Assistant : He will be back on neek week.

Sales Rep : What is you name? ( sounld like very rude)

Dental Assistant : My name is Ning.

Sales Rep : Laughing and laughing. (because in her life never heard this name before)

( continue ask, busy body) Are you chinese?

Dental Assistant : No, I AM NOT.

Sales Rep : This Dr. using my product , can you check for me he still have my product?

Dental Assistant : Sorry , I don't know. You have to check with dr.

Sales Rep : Okay loh, are you celebrate Chinese New Year?

Dental Assistant : NO, I AM NOT CHINESE. (so stupid repeat and repeat ask the same question).

Sales Rep : ... (Walk a way).

Dental Assistant : Next time when Sale rep come back again, I have to tell her (NO,I AM NOT) first before she open her mouth .....

To be continue .....

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