Sunday, April 18, 2010

Change your gummy smile with crown lightening

The patient shows a bit too much gum when she smiles.

We can tell that her teeth are not fully exposed. Quite a bit of her pearly whites lie beneath the gums.
Crown lengthening surgery exposes the covered teeth.

This is her new smile and gum line immediately after surgery.
We'll wait 2 months for the gums to stabilise before we make her veneers.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you want other people to respect you?

It seems that a lot of people think that respect should just come to them. How can you really earn someone's respect?

Ms. Lee, came to our clinic yesterday. She was late for 45 mins by her appointment timing. When she came in our clinic, she looked so unhappy with everyone. I should say it more look like everyone was offended to her.

------ You need to do is respect others first. It doesn't matter who are they and so on. If you judge, you'll be judged. To do on to others as you want done on to you, treat others the way you want to be treated. You must respect those around you, before you'll get respect back.

Don't walk around mad or frustrated about what's happening in your life or in other people's lives. Take life as it comes. Be the first one to start up a conversation with someone, even if you don't know them. Find something you can talk about. If they're having trouble, help them out if they let you. Offer to lend a hand before you're asked...and most important, be honest with others and with yourself. If you know you won't be able to do something or can't make an appointment, don't lie just to make that person feel good that you'll meet with them. If you don't have time or have other things going on, tell them the truth. People respect an honest answer and an honest opinion.

No matter what the situation. When you see someone, smile. It's contagious, for the most part anyway. 95% of people you smile at, will smile back. They'll know that you are happy with yourself and with your surroundings. In turn, they'll give you respect by smiling back.------

Well, back to our patient. When i told her the total amount is $1xx.00. She asked "how much is the cleaning?" "$x0.00 for scaling and air polishing, another $x.00 for x-ray", i replied. She told me that "BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE X-RAY", so i told her that everyone of our new patient are compulsory to take a x-ray. She was very rude to said "but you didn't tell me!" I show to her immediately that we were written down on the medical history form. She just kept quiet and throw her ATM card to me.

After i passed the receipt to her, she just walk away.

Huh~ finally she left.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Please teach me what should i do?

I still can remember clearly that our patient's husband blamed me late for work.

That was Monday. I was early reached clinic that morning, exactly 9.10am i reached.

When i squated, trying to unlocked the door, i heard he said:" Wah! A neh wua jia kui meng!..." He spoke to his wife in Hokkien. I felt so annoying, but i just kept quiet. Once i unlocked the door, i told his wife, "please go in and take a sit. Doctor will be coming in at 10am. Next time may be you can called up to book appointment in adbance, so that you no need to stand for so long to wait at outside. Some more we are open at 10 am."

I guess only blind people cant see that WE ARE OPEN AT 10am!!! I did't late, i was not only on time, i was early 20 mins than working time. She was politely replied me "it's ok. I called yu0 yesterday. But no one answered the phone."

I nearly vomit blood when i heard that. Yesterday was Sunday. Who is working on Sunday? I felt so helpless. I didn't bother about them after that until my boss came in.

Who can understand my feeling?

Teach me what should i do?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ready to get new smile!

This lady had always known that something was wrong with her smile. She thought it was just her protruding front teeth. Projected results of pushing her teeth back didn't help her see a favourable outcome. She also insisted on no braces.

She consulted us and was given a proposal for an extreme makeover incorporating gum surgery, root canal and emax crowns.

This is the gumline we thought she should have. All 4 front teeth must also be drastically shortened and pushed back.

The patient could tell that her upper lip and teeth were not "normal". This was her her very self-conscious "smile".

This is what she would look like if she had tried to smile naturally. Simply crowning her teeth backwards would not have helped much.

The patient is ready for crown lengthening surgery

Gum and bone were removed.

Suturing was done and her front teeth (root canal treated), were trimmed back and shortened.

It's barely 2 weeks after surgery. Healing is satisfactory. She is still hesitant about smiling, but this is roughly where her new gumline will be. The final exact position of her gums will only be known in 2 months. That's why we can only place temporaries.

Her temporaries will be removed in 2 months for impression taking.

Finally, the patient's emax crowns are ready. This is her new smile.