Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dentists (story 2)

Part 4
Nurse: Would you like an appointment for next week? Patient: No, I'm sick now.

Part 5
"Did you get your money?" ask the wife of the dentist who had just return from the delinquent patient's home. "Not a cent," growled the dentist, "and worse than that, he insulted me, and gnashed my teeth at me!"

Part 6
Patient to Dentist: "How much to get my teeth straightened?" "Twenty thousand bucks" Patient heads for the door. Dentist to patient: "Where are you going?" "To a plastic surgeon to get my mouth bent."

Part 7
Patient: Doc, what should I do with all the gold and silver in my mouth? Dentist: Don't smile in a bad neighborhood.

Part 8
Why are false teeth like stars? Because they come out at night.

To be continue next.....

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