Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zirconia crown

This Australian teacher has been brushing his teeth without mercy for many years - so much so that the bristles have worn out the necks of his teeth, causing "furrows" which gradually weakened the teeth.

One day, he bit on something hard and his lateral incisor snapped. We handled the emergency by doing a root canal followed by a temporary post crown built up freehand with flowable composite.
As a temporary measure, we "planted" a stainless steel wire into the space created after removal of the nerve. A composite crown moulded entirely freehand from flowable composite was built up around the wire.

All done within an hour. The patient will be called back for the permanent crown which will be customised to match the colour of the other teeth.

Here is the tooth prepared for post crown.

A zirconia crown is fitted

Generally, zirconia does not have the same translucency as emax. However, they still look quite natural. Why zirconia? It's easily twice the strength of emax.

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