Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another an actress replacement Single Implant @ My Dental Clinic

This young actress showed up at our clinic with a hopeless premolar on her right side.

As her job requires her to look good in front of the camera all the time, she cannot afford to go without a tooth.

We extracted her tooth and inserted a tiny one-tooth Flexite immediate denture.

With pink coloured nylon claps and no coverage of her palate, she was able to look good before the camera and not have a denture plate interfere with her speech immediately after her extraction.

2 months after extraction, she came in for implant surgery. The healing was not very good and the bone quality not as good as we had wanted it to be, but we managed to insert a 4.5mmx8.5mm Osstem GSII implant into the space.

The extraction space after 2 months. Healing is not perfect, making the surgery a challenging one.
The implant is in place. The blue fixture mount was removed and the wound was stitched up. She reported only mild discomfort after surgery and went straight back to work. The restoration phase of the treatment will take place in 3 months. We will post the updates then...

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