Monday, November 9, 2009

Wish wish and wish...

Everyone got their own dream and wish like their good job, good pay and bonus, strive sweep and toto. Of cause, most of us would want to be either a billionaire or millionaire, right?

The some of people who have the own business, they will wish to have a good business, good customers at the mean time also keep hoping and wishing their dream come true.

For me, i still like and enjoy with my work. But what's i wish is ... i wish can get a good patient like today. Suprisingly, we have a walk in patient who came from Holland. Past 3 weeks, her father and her went to Bangkok, Phuket, and PP Island for holiday. Due to "no direct flight" from Thailand to Holland, they needed to transit in Singapore. So they had about 5 hours to shop in Singapore.

She decided to look for a dental clinic to whiten her teeth. Her father told us that because she quited from smoking, so she wants to whiten her teeth. She was so excited. After We explained to her the kinds of whitening teeth treaments, she decided to have whitening chairside which cost her $650 only. During the her treatment, her father was told me that the cost of dental treatment in Holand are much more expensive if compare to Singapore.

The treatment only took her about an hour. She was so happy and satisfied with it.

"YES" Patient happy we also happy too. One of the good patient that i am looking forward...

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