Monday, November 2, 2009

Get the better smile with e-max crowns.

This middle aged lady has an obvious problem. Her 2 old crowns have come loose and her dentist failed to replace them in their original positions - which is understandable because they have detriorated so much.

We advised her to redo her PFM crowns with emax. After seeing what we have done for her daughter, she agreed.

The 2 old PFM crowns have deteriorated so much, it was impossible to seat them proper after they were dislodged. Notice the gap between the crowns as well.

Her original crowns were also protruding. She didn't have a choice of a better system back then.

Definitely warrants a redo.

We removed her old PFMs, masked the underlying colour.and impressions were taken.

The stumps were temporarily covered with temporary crown material.
After 1 week later her emax crowns is ready .

Yes , she come for fit her 2 emax crowns. Now she get the better smile!

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