Saturday, May 30, 2009

Need a new dental bridge?

This bridge has failed due to the fracture of the central incisor which was root canal treated but not properly reinforced due to cost factors. The result is a compromised restoration that failed after 2 years. My dentist cememted a post to strengthen the tooth and redid a new PFM bridge with subtle but noticeable improvement in aesthetics.


The root canal treated tooth has fractured off , dislodging the bridge it was supporting. The patient had initially asked of the bridge to be recemented. He was told it would not work and did not listen at first.

But the bridge came off again and again. My dentist insisted that he either did a new bridge or go somewhere else to recement. (Good dentists shouldn't just do what their patients tell them to do).


Some gingivectomy was done on the lateral incisor. The overall shape and contour look better than that of the patient's old bridge.

This is a PFM bridge and we could have done better with the aesthetics, but the patient could not be convinced to take it up like he was convinced to buy a full HD over a HD ready TV.

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