Monday, May 18, 2009

Dental bridge

There was this 5-star hotel that wa paying a certain pest control company a lot of money for
their services. Too much, according to their new CFO who quickly issued an ultimatum to the pest control company. Lower your charges or we’ll terminate you.

The stubborn CEO of the pest control company refused to budge. Their services were terminated and one fine evening, during a wedding banquet, a rat decided to drop in on the bride’s table. It was a disaster to say the least. The new pest control company the hotel was using could not answer to their emergency c all nor do anything about the situation. The guys at the hotel had no choice but to call the old pest control company whose smartly uniformed technicians marched swiftly into the premises (like waiters presenting the first dish) and hunted out all the furry rodents in the function room. According to the CEO of the pest control company, the guests at the banquet applauded his staff as they exited. The dinner was on the house and nobody sued the hotel as everyone left that hotel that evening highly entertained. Why didn’t anything like that happen at my wedding?

The new CFO at the hotel was naturally embarrassed. He signed a contract with the old pest control company at twice the value of the original quotation. Not everyone is capable of feeling the kind of embarrassment that the CFO of that hotel must have felt. Alamak people for instance.

Way back in Hougang a couple of years ago, I advised this guy to do a bridge. He disappeared, came back with another problem and the bridge that I advised him to do was already done - somewhere else.

Then, a few days back, he called up my clinic at Lucky Plaza and angrily complained to my recep over the phone that the bridge I did for him had fallen off.

Bridge? Wasn’t that the one done somewhere else? I highlighted that fact to him when he turned up with the bridge in his hand. Seeing that his trick had been foiled, he asked me to do something about the failed bridge. Seeing that the stumps were already fractured, I told him that the only way to fix it was to rebuild the stumps and redo the bridge. I gave him a quote and the knee jerk response was “so expensive!”

He requested for a recementation. I warned him that it will not last. He would have to get a new bridge done. He asked for a discount. But why would he deserve a discount for a bridge he didn’t let me do? He declared himself as a loyal patient. How thick can a man’s skin get? And that’s not all.

Sure enough, his recemented bridge came off after a few days. Once again, I urged him to get the new bridge done. He agreed. I recemented his bridge again and took impressions for his new bridge. He then walked off without paying any deposit. I’m quite sure it will fall off again. If it didn’t, there’s no way this loyal patient will come back.

How thick is your skin???

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