Sunday, May 3, 2009

Choosing A Dentist

There are quite a number of articles out there which teach people how to choose a dentist. Like the numerous self-help books out there that teach people how to get rich, the real help that any reader can get from these articles is usually quite limited. What are some of the things they say you should look out for?

Experience of the dentist.
This can be easy or difficult. The practice could have been around for a ages, but the aging dentist may employ a locum who is as green as bile. An established practice can also be sold to other dentists new to the profession. Skill may come with experience, but skill should not be the only thing you’re after.

A dentist who has just invested heavily in an expensive implant package may find it easier to justify the risks. A dentist who has just bought a 2M property may be very keen on treating you “holistically” by doing a full mouth reconstruction. If I were a patient, I would look for a humble, friendly but not too friendly dentist without too many expensive tastes and financial commitment.


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