Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking good starts with a great smile today!

This yoga instructor has been very self conscious about her less than perfect smile. Take a close look and you'll see why.

Her problem is quite obvious. Her left central incisor is somewhat elongated.
There is also quite a big gap between her left incisors.

The obvious solution is to trimmed down the elongated teeth after root canal treatment.

The gap is even more obvious now that the teeth have been trimmed shorter.

Note also that the two central incisors are not in alignment. We recommended 3 emax crowns for this patient.

Here are her finished emax crowns. Note the vast improvement. However, the patient finds her right lateral incisor a bit short and sunken.

To create some semblance of symmetry, bonding was done to prop up the lateral incisor and also to lenghten it.
Here are the results. The lateral incisor looks good for the moment, but bonded teeth may stain or chip over time.
A veneer would be ideal for that bonded tooth.

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