Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How much does it cost for taken out wisdom tooth?

How much does it cost for taken out wisdom tooth?
If you want to remove wisdom tooth we charge from $450 and above, it depends on the position on your wisdom tooth.

Many patients call up and ask me how much my dentist will charge them for wisdom tooth surgery. If you already done with your X-ray , you can refer to the photo as below.

May I know it there any extra charges?
No, This charges is already included x-ray, medicines, gauze, mouth wash and when you come back for remove stitches.

Can I use my medisave for wisdom tooth surgery?
Yes, most of our patients can claim full amount from the medisave.

If I don't have medisave , what should I do?
Our clinic accept cash, net , visa , amax and diners club.

Do I have pay deposit or payment if I go for wisdom tooth surgery?
No, you no need to pay deposit just bring you Ic along before you are going for surgery.

Can I use my husband medisave?
Yes, you can use your spouse and your parents medisave. But if you need to use your spouse or your parents medisave please bring them come a long with you and his/her Ic .

Is very painful or not? I am very scared .
If your very scared/nervous of pain you can required for GA (general anaesthetic) but you have to pay extra $650/hour.

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