Sunday, September 6, 2009

The young actress decieded to do treatment @ My clinic.

This young actress chipped her front tooth.  Even though there was no nerve exposure, she decided to do root canal treatment followed by an emax crown.

We explained the options to her. Both bonding and veneers will increase the bulk of the tooth and it look even more protruding.

By doing root canal, cutting back the tooth and then rebuilding it, we can effectively reposition the tooth and make it look straight.

The right central incisor looks short because it is protruding. it is also chipped at the corner.

The lateral incisor was a little instanding. As the patient has budget constraints. We did a little bonding to bring out the lateral incisor. Root canal is done on the protruding incisor.

Another view. The left central incisor was also bondedso that all 3 teeth will look harmonised when the protruding tooth is crowned.

An emax crown has been fitted. Check the alignment.

She'll look even better if the 2 adjacent teeth are laminated with Empress veneers. bonding has its limitations.

As the finishing for the emax and bonding can be quite different, the patient is advised to have veneers on her other 2 teeth.


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