Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feed back from our patients.

This patient did two wisdom teeth surgery with us early on  July 09 , we just found a post on her blog.

Photo below it's her OPG  x-ray before she did surgery.


From her blog:

Friday i was on leave to go hospital for my thyroid appointment.
Silly me mix up the timing... i suppose to reach at 945am but i reach at 845am.
I though my appointment is 9am.. stupid me.. go buy a newspaper and read slowly.
The doctor is very nice and really explain every single things to me.
She ask me not to worry as my wan is very small issue.
Just control my temper and relax myself.
re-schedule was done...
4months away from now for scanning and blood test.
That cost me about $200.
Went home to have a nap first...
Dental appointment at 2:30pm to extract two of my wisdom tooth.
Meet up with Gillian for lunch as she working at TANGS.
Have a great lunch.. yummy Pizza Hut with some add on.
2 persons order so much but can't finish it..
Extraction was done at
New Age Cosmetic Dentists
304 Orchard Road #05-42 Lucky Plaza
Tel: 6235 8316
I recommence this clinic, the staff and doctor are very nice..
I was so afraid of the pain, they keep talking to me in the
process and make sure i wont feel any pain.
The right tooth was really very fast but the left side is too
deep spend about 45mins to extract it.
Everything was fine... just the sewing part make me freak out..
I can feel the string going out and in again... faint
Lot of blood... but i don't feel any pain is still numb, the bleed stop about 1hour later.
I can start feeling the pain and swollen..
Only can take porridge or soup.. i cant chew anything.
I only can brush my front roll of my teeth's and
use the mouth wash to clean my other teeth's.
Finally i did the extraction after 1 year of nagging.
Total was $1,200.00 to extract both teeth's, all deductible by Medisave.

by Joanne

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