Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chrome Denture From S$500

Stronger & More Functional Dentures

Acrylic dentures are not the best type of prosthesis for anyone, dentist or patient.  Except for the rare, cynical grouch who is constantly in denial, no patient who has swapped his acrylic dentures for a set of shiny chrome dentures has ever regretted it. Chrome dentures are similar to acrylic dentures except in the base or framework of the prosthesis.
The teeth and "gums" used in a chrome denture are no different from those used in acrylic dentures. However, chrome, being much stronger than acrylic, allows a slimmer and sleeker design of the denture base. Not only can the base be thinner, it can also cover a smaller area of the mouth. Higher accuracy also provides a better fit. It's not surprising that in most cases, chrome dentures are superior to their acrylic equivalents. If function and durability are what you want in a denture, then go straight for chrome dentures.

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