Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crown Lengthening Case

Smiles are not just affected by tooth positions. They are also affected by gum levels. Gum surgery can correct gum levels.

Her main concern is her crooked teeth. To fix that properly, it would be good to first correct her gum level. The gum level ought to be where it's indicated by the black dots.

The gums are peeled back to expose bone.

The gum level around the 2 "sunken" teeth has been brought up. The next step is to change the positions of the teeth.

It's a week after gum surgery, our patient is back for her crown preparations. Her canines have been root canal treated. We ground them down to gum level, then placed fibre posts inside the canals.

The crowns of the canines are rebuilt from scratch to conform with the crown positions we want.

The rest of the teeth are carefully prepared to conform with the final tooth positions we want.

The prepared teeth are protected with temporary plastic crowns. We will wait for the gum level (after surgery) to stabilise before we take impressions for the final e-max crowns. So far, we have already successfully realigned the patient's teeth.

Case completed.

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