Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

If you are looking to do the root canal treatment in Singapore. Yes, you should ask for the cost of the treatment but the cheap root canal might not be the cheapest in the long run. Don't go to a dentist with whom don't have experience or you are not familiar just to get a cheap treatment. The better you should search to be sure first but I didn't saying that the dentist with the cheap fee won't do a good job .

How much does root canal treatment cost ? (in Singapore)

Central incisor, Lateral incisor (front tooth) about $ 350 - $400
Canine $400 - $600
First premolar, Second premolar $600 - $700
First molar , Second molar $700 - $950
(This price for GP )

For Endodontics Specialist about $950 - $2000

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