Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Extreme Makeover by New Age Cosmetic Dentists's (Singapore)

You don't need to be a dentist to tell that this is a challenging case. We marked her 2 canines for extraction. We'll also need to do some gum surgery on her laterals. Her incisors on the left side will also need to be "moved" to close the gap after the canine has been extracted.

Another look at how difficult this case is. Apart from extractions and gum surgery, we also need to do root canal on the incisors on the left side.

Extraction just done on the right side. There is hardly any gap between the lateral and the first premolar. This will be the easy side.

The other canine has also been extracted. Gum surgery done, exposing more crown height for the lateral incisors and the premolars. The gap on the right side is more significant.

Here's the patient's left side. There is a gap about half a tooth wide. We have already done root canal on the left incisors. We will later cut them off and rebuild with post crowns to close the gap.

4th day after surgery. Check out the healing.

The teeth have been trimmed down and temporary plastic crowns placed.

We will wait 2 months for the gums to stabilise, then we'll place emax crowns over them.

Emax crowns fitted, another ready for have nice smile.

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