Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it "Sap Sap Sui" for you uncle?

Shall we provide these entertainment for our surgery patients? Yes, i think we shall IF they will say YES to us after the consultation. How many of them won't say THAT'S EXPENSIVE? If they say "ok, i will do it."

Anyway, our clinic don't provide these kind of service at all. If you want, please bring it along on your surgery day.


A RICH and EDUCATED man who scolded me on that morning. I remembered clearly that i told him "if you do any treatment in our clinic, we won't charge you any consultation fees". I thought he would understand my simple and broken english.

After he consulted the dentist, i told him "sir, it's $50 for your consultation." He starting to @#$%^&* to me. He scolded a lot of nonsense, i only can remember that he said "for me, $50 is just like a peanut! But i won't pay for it, because you told me that it's free consultation."

Wah!!! Since when i told him is "FREE"??? "If you do any treatment in our clinic, we won't charge you any consultation fees" doesn't mean IT'S FREE, am i right? Somemore he didn't do any treatment in our clinic, so of course we will charge for consultation fee. He was very angry. He said will ask lawyer to sue me due to i told him wrong information.

At that moment, i feel so innocent. I did nothing wrong. Is my english problems? Or the information i gave him is not clear enough?

After he @#$%^&*, he left clinic.

Well, that's the difference in between EDUCATED him and UNEDUCATED me! I think this is TOO MUCH for me!!!

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