Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ready to get new smile!

This lady had always known that something was wrong with her smile. She thought it was just her protruding front teeth. Projected results of pushing her teeth back didn't help her see a favourable outcome. She also insisted on no braces.

She consulted us and was given a proposal for an extreme makeover incorporating gum surgery, root canal and emax crowns.

This is the gumline we thought she should have. All 4 front teeth must also be drastically shortened and pushed back.

The patient could tell that her upper lip and teeth were not "normal". This was her her very self-conscious "smile".

This is what she would look like if she had tried to smile naturally. Simply crowning her teeth backwards would not have helped much.

The patient is ready for crown lengthening surgery

Gum and bone were removed.

Suturing was done and her front teeth (root canal treated), were trimmed back and shortened.

It's barely 2 weeks after surgery. Healing is satisfactory. She is still hesitant about smiling, but this is roughly where her new gumline will be. The final exact position of her gums will only be known in 2 months. That's why we can only place temporaries.

Her temporaries will be removed in 2 months for impression taking.

Finally, the patient's emax crowns are ready. This is her new smile.

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